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Wildlife Management Plans
What do you want to accomplish with your property? Perhaps you are blending a wildlife enterprise in with a livestock operation to generate additional income from the property. Or, you could be simply working to intensively manage the wildlife resources alone. The first step in a well prepared wildlife management plan is establishing goals and a timeline to reach them. Our staff can help you determine the most efficient and economic path towards your goals.

Habitat Management Plans
Looking to improve the habitat for wildlife on your property? Whether the method is roller-chopping or controlled burning, Artemis Outdoors can help put together a plan to help create the ideal habitat for your target species.


Artemis Outdoors, Inc.
Wildlife Census
Spotlight counts, camera counts and helicopter counts are a few of the most effective methods for counting wildlife on properties. Our staff can make recommendations as to the most effective method of census, and provide assistance on site to make sure the census is as accurate as possible. After completion of the count, we can provide reports to review progress in reaching the goals of the property. We believe that effective photographic information is essential in making sound wildlife management decisions prior to hunting season.

Harvest Recommendations

Once a population estimate has been made, the next step is to utilize that information to create effective harvest recommendations for your wildlife management plan. Numeric and photographic information is essential in analyzing exactly what level of harvest will best fit your needs. Our staff can also provide assistance in keeping records of harvest for permitting and evaluating progress.

Real Estate Evaluations
Are you looking to purchase a new piece of property? One of the biggest reasons you are making that investment is for the wildlife resources located there. Are you confident of the accuracy of the records you have seen? Artemis Outdoors can perform an onsite evaluation of a property and its wildlife resources. The report from this evaluation could prove valuable to your property purchase decision.